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Novel Titles coming soon:

Isabel's Tears

A woman’s struggle to fulfill her best friend’s last wish of touching the Pacific Ocean collides with a grieving man’s fight for a haunted, century-old inn. Forced to trust each other, they struggle to break a curse that could unleash a hundred-year storm across the archipelago.

Available July 20, 2015

Short Fiction Titles currently available:

Soul Taker

A goddess, trapped in the body of a harpy, struggles to save a mortal from Hera’s minions and a terrible storm. Will her love for this mortal be enough to save them both?

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Music to Her Ears

An elderly woman uses a magical music box, her only link with her past, to reach across time — and death — and dance one last time with her dead husband.

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Chocolate Alchemy

Her magical chocolates can summon fond memories, smooth away bad ones, or make you fall in love. His company wants her recipes. Will he buy her out or steal her heart?

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Permanent Ink

The goddess Persephone, a tattoo artist in Seattle, is tired of her transient life in the mortal world and the Underworld. Defying an immortal curse and risking her heart, Persephone remains in the mortal world, halting winter and besieging the city in a heat wave. Will Hades love her enough to let her go or drag her back to the desolate Underworld?

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