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Dragonskin Boots

When the sacrifice of virgins is outlawed, protests erupt in the village over loss of wages and the unfair treatment of dragons. Can the Queen stop the protests and bring order to her kingdom?

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Soul Dance

A disgraced warrior, once a soul dancer, must dance her magic again to save her people. Can she reveal the traitor and prevent a civil war?

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The Pocket Watch

After losing his brother to war, a young man fights to protect his father during of the Battle of Antietam, one of the Civil War’s bloodiest battles.

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The Wishing Stones

A sorceress, cursed by a magical silence, must defeat an evil warlord to escape her tower prison. Will this be the last drink of her magic that he ever takes?

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When Sparrows Fall

A psychic, assisting investigators at the site of a plane crash, comes to terms with the ghosts of her own past through ghosts of the present.

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The Spirit House

A young woman, fresh out of prison with an artificial conscience, completes her community service at a Washington State hospice. Guided by an elderly hospice worker, Kip struggles to uncover her deeply buried empathy as she cares for patients and helps researchers try to prove the existence of the soul.

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