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7 Sep 2012

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Our first new Duets ebook has launched!  Two stories tied together by subject, theme, or even characters and presented in one volume.  It’s now available on Smashwords, available next week on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  In this Duet:  Lisa Silverthorne’s novelettes, A Dark Gloaming Blue and When the Sea Gives Up Her Dead, tell stories of shipwrecks and those who boarded these famous passenger ships.

Shipwrecks in Sea Minor:  2 Tales of Shipwrecks and Survival

A Dark Gloaming Blue:  A young Irish woman’s search for her missing sister leads her aboard the R.M.S. Titanic where she must outwit a kidnapper and survive the worst disaster in maritime history.

When the Sea Gives Up Her Dead:  An Irish American’s homecoming is shattered by the sinking of the R.M.S. Lusitania off the Irish coast. Struggling to make sense of the accident and his father’s death, he falls for his lovely Irish guide who takes him to a mysterious pier where ghosts step out of the sea.

The Needlewoman by Lisa Silverthorne – Now available!

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The Needlewoman, a new short story by Lisa Silverthorne is now available from Smashwords.  It will be available later in the week from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  This e-publication includes a bonus story originally published in the Sword & Sorceress anthology series.




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21 May 2011

Available now on Smashwords and later this week on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

To celebrate Spring, Elusive Blue Fiction is offering a 35% discount on Lisa Silverthorne’s fantasy romance e-collection, Magic of the Heart: 5 Stories of Magic and Romance.  Get yours today!


Promotional price: $1.94
Coupon Code: EK96L
Expires: May 15, 2011

We have just released our first Quintet, a collection of 5 stories by author, Lisa Silverthorne

Now available from:

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Also, we have just published a new story by author Cait Griffin.

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This week, Elusive Blue is pleased to announce the release of two new stories on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com.

In the distant alien ruins of Nakin'sii, city of dreams, a woman discovers that finding her place in the universe sometimes requires creating one.

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A grieving mother, separated from her earthly Native American tribe, finds communion with an ancient life force that she awakens in the Martian ruins.

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10 Jul 2010

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